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7 Summer Fashion Tips Collection 2017

By Waqar / February 2, 2017

Keep your warm-climate look on the pattern this mid-year with our go-to manual for help you explore your most loved summer design patterns! The boho style alongside bits from the ’80s and ’90s are still in, yet there are a couple of different overhauls seen in the city. Checkout 7 Summer Fashion Tips 2017. 7 Summer […]


Obama supports protests: American values are at stake

By Waqar / January 31, 2017

It is Obama’s first statement since leaving the White House. Barack Obama stood up Monday evening against his successor — and in support of the challenges contradicting President Donald Trump — with a representative saying the previous president supposes they’re “residents practicing their Constitutional appropriate to collect, compose and have their voices heard by their […]


1 million people rallied at women’s marches

By Waqar / January 22, 2017

In a global exclamation of defiance and solidarity, more than 1 million people rallied at women’s marches in the nation’s capital and cities around the world Saturday to send President Donald Trump an emphatic message on his first full day in office that they won’t let his agenda go unchallenged. . The Washington rally alone […]


Happy Birthday Salman Khan

By Waqar / December 27, 2016

Salman Khan is 51 today! Happy Birthday Salman Khan Happy Birthday Salman Khan: Actor Salman Khan joined his contemporaries Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan inside the age group of fifty-one these days. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan star added his birthday in together with his circle of relatives and near friends at his farmhouse in Panvel. The visitor […]


Sony Music sorry after hoax Britney Spears dead tweet

By Waqar / December 27, 2016

Sony tweeted in their account that pop star Britney Spears dead, after a legit twitter account cautioned the big pop singer died. The amusement firm quickly eliminated the hoax tweets, saying its global account had been “compromised” however that the scenario had “been rectified”. Sony added it “apologises to Britney Spears and her fans for any […]


PTCL Internet Calling Services Are Down All Over The Country

By Waqar / December 26, 2016

PTCL is the everlasting supply of dismay for many people, as it’s miles, thanks to the common disconnections. PTCL Internet Calling Services is down these days all over the country. You’ve probably stalled about your “bad” internet connection, at the least as soon as in your lifestyles. Recently, and by using recently I suggest as […]


Comcast Car Causes Catastrophic Crashes In Trending Video

By Waqar / December 17, 2016

A Comcast cable truck brought about vehicle crashes on an icy road because it refused to transport on this viral video. Comcast Car Causes Catastrophic Crashes In Trending Video Icy roads are difficult sufficient to force in with the iciness, but while you throw bizarre jerks into the mixture? Boy oh boy. It’s throughout. In […]


Rex Tillerson internet worth: Biography

By Waqar / December 13, 2016

Rex Tillerson internet Worth 2017: Rex Tillerson an American engineer born on 23 March 1952, in Wichita Falls, Texas United States of America, and is famous in the commercial enterprise as the chairman, president, and leader government of the Exxon Mobil oil employer. The employer is one among the largest in the world, and as […]


Beaver spotted browsing shop’s Christmas section removed by animal control

By Waqar / December 9, 2016

 The beaver appeared to be looking at wrapping paper and decorations CREDIT: ST MARY’S COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE/FACEBOOK Helena Horton 3 DECEMBER 2016 • 9:41AM Abeaver had to be removed by sheriffs after causing havoc in a dollar store in Maryland. The animal was perusing the Christmas section, appearing to look at items such as wrapping […]